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the music at the center of what it happens

Renowned house dedicated to Jazz and Brazilian Instrumental Music, JazzB was born derived from a double desire - to amplify the aesthetic already consolidated at the time by the firstborn, JazzNosFundos, in addition to acting towards the re-signification of the urban imaginary of the center of São Paulo, walking in the opposite direction to its desertification, building new translations and dialogues with this region that holds some of the most expressive potentials and contradictions of the metropolis.

The experience based mainly on jazz aesthetics has a cozy atmosphere with relaxed and modern architecture that allows a good view of the stage from anywhere in the house, which in turn has an American Steinway & Sons piano that turned 100 in 2019.


The contemporary and light menu was designed to encourage good listening as it complements the musical experience through a special selection of classic drinks, beers, craft chopps and delicious options for starters and dishes, with the usual cordial service, to thus offering a particular experience to everyone who seeks to enjoy good times in São Paulo.


In the year 2023, the house celebrates its 10 years of existence marked by the appreciation of music as a link to unique experiences that constitute new ways of perceiving the city and human relationships through the different ways of realizing the music of things.

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